Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bucking Tradition

The Oakton Patch editor e-mailed last night to clarify how I wanted to punctuate "Underpants" (written as a pronouncement, so we decided upon an exclamation point) in my article that was published today.

I love my Oakton Patch editor.

Let me know what you think of my latest: Traditionally Untraditional, and if you think the exclamation point was the way to go.

As the cool kids say, I'm a Herb,


lacochran's evil twin said...

Ha! Your husband is a keeper, for sure.

VEG said...

Come on, those traditions are fantastic! Who doesn't like underpants and simultaneously find them hilarious?

Plus, I grew up in the UK and crackers were a must every year. I believe it's the law there. No crackers, well you can just spend the New Year in jail, buddy thinking about what you've done. They always have the crappiest gifts in them yet they're always disguised as useful. Tiny sewing kits, keychains, that little rogue plastic soldier with a lame, transparent, plastic bag parachute you used to get when you were five? And the hats were always too big.

Nice article, missy!

Sarah said...

Underpants are a great gift. When my sister was in eighth grade more than half her presents were underwear because every time a grandma or great aunt asked what Beth needed my mom said "underpants" so that is what she got. She said she almost cried.

Anonymous said...

Exclamation points should only be used within quotations that exclaim, as you do in your column. Non-quoted material should carry its own voice.

Straight Guy said...

Crackers are like wishbones, right? Two people pull and whoever gets the bigger part wins the prize... Why can't they fill them with skivvies instead of french punchlines?

I tease my mother in law quite a bit. Her undergarments are generally off limits, though.

Brutalism said...

Lacochran - That kind of sealed it for me. Although it did get a bit awkward during what we now refer to as "the thong Christmas of '03"

VA - The hats are too big -- we just assumed the Brits had tremendous melons.

Sarah - I've always loved underpants and loved getting them for Christmas. Probably because we were poor, and most of the time I had to wear my sister's. While she still had them on.

Anonymous - Thanks for the validation.

Straight Guy - Now THERE is an idea custom-made for my family...combining both traditions. Crackerpants. Love it. BTW, the UPS guy said your MIL's undergarments aren't off limits.