Monday, December 20, 2010

Having Some

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season, other than making sure my mimosa-to-relative ratio is mathematically accurate, is pulling out the boxes of Christmas decor.

Opening these boxes is a little trip down memory lane that I enjoy as I gingerly unwrap and carefully hang all of my tree ornaments -- a collection that was comprised of about eleven ornaments before my Christmas-loving friends took pity on me and began presenting me with these every year so that my tree would be somewhat respectable.

With that, and so that you can share with me this special time of year, I thought I'd take you on a little tour of my Christmas tree. Here, dear friends, is a very Brutalism Christmas:

Of course, there are some traditional ornaments such as these:

Didn't realize he was "The King" of Israel...

There are also themed sections on my tree, like the homage to my childhood in Virginia Beach...

Although, if this accurately depicted my childhood, there would be an
ornament representing cripplingly low self esteem.
...and ornaments that capture the fun memories of the Oktoberfest party we've hosted for the past several years:

Just needs an ornament of my mom's husband in his underpants to be complete. 

There are ornaments from a fellow Dilettante commemorating our years in the Dilettante Club...

...or possibly her bra size...

...and an area dedicated to my two orange cats:

The one of me stepping in cat vomit and screaming four-letter words while threatening
to call the pound is just out of the frame.
There is also a special section of the tree for my daughter. Someone suggested that I start a tradition of buying her an ornament every Christmas that reflects something she likes or does that year. Which is generally a great idea, though it was kind of difficult to come up with something the first year, when she was only two months old. Let's face it, at that point, the only real love she had was this:

And she was apparently two months old in 1894.

(I do get concerned that when she reaches sixteen, something that reflects "what she likes and does" will be an ornament of a tattooed alt-rocker named "Damage.")

And of course, there are ornaments from my days working for the gun lobby:

If trees are ornamented then only ornaments will have trees. Or something...

And possibly my most cherished Christmas piece, from a Jewish friend and via the Dollar Store is this:
Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Ri, the Music Savvy Mom said... that angel holding a Wii remote? And, if you weren't already deserving of adoration, that Alfred E. Neuman ornament cinches it. LOVE.

YinMetYang said...

If I had an ornament reflecting my interest this year it would have to be my prescription Xanax bottle tied with a golden ribbon. I can just picture it now - with the lights shining through the amber bottle, warming the whole room with its glow. I love Christmas.

Brutalism said...

Ri - It appears that she is, in fact, holding a Wii remote. Which I don't buy. Because there is nothing heavenly about the Wii balance board moaning in pain as it weighs you.

YMY - I believe there would be a huge market for the gold beribboned Xanax bottle. As long as it was filled with Xanax, of course. Tis the season to be mood-regulated...fa la la la la la la la la

BigSis said...

I love how you keep the themes together. It's like taking a little trip through memory lane...

Moooooog35 said...

Since I'm now single me and the kids had to get all new ornaments and crap and now my tree is adorned with onions and robots and fish.

Just like the first Christmas.

Dilettard07 said...

Quintuple D bra size? Is that even possible?

I think some year that I'll decorate my tree with all the items in the Grinch theme song. Though "gunk" is kind of non-specific. And 39 1/2 foot pole is more apropos to Festivus.

dilettante07 said...

D cups are for amateurs.

Brutalism said...

BigSis - trip, indeed.

Moooooog - I never knew you were so religious.

Tard - That is a great idea. I hope you don't have to carry the arsenic sauce on a plane, though...the TSA does not find that amusing, theme be damned.

Tante - Well played.

dori said...

Love the themes! I get my ornaments based on shiny, pretty colors, not based on social, career or religious significance. Though a lipstick rimmed empty martini glass would capture all three perfectly.