Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend. Lots of different (and kid-friendly) activities and gorgeous weather!

Friday night we went to see "The Bee Movie" at Glyndon Park in Vienna. It was a very small crowd, and Avery loved the whole experience of laying on a blanket in a park watching a movie. She stayed awake for the entire thing and was pretty fascinated with the movie and at the end when "Here comes the Sun" played in the movie sound track she turned to me and said, "Hey -- that's what you sing". (I sing it to her a lot. So now that the song was in an animated movie, she thinks I'm a rock star.)

Saturday we had a play date at our house with Amanda and her daughter, Allison. The girls had a great time. Tim had a play date (bike riding) with his friend, Joe. Sadly, Joe's bike broke about a mile from the house, so Tim had to ride alone. That night, Tim and I set a tent up in our backyard (hee hee Tim pitched a tent) and told Avery we were going to camp out back. She loved the whole idea of it, and fell asleep in the tent after reading a couple of books by flashlight. Tim, however, was pushed off the air mattress by Avery and I in the middle of the night, so he wanted to go into the house around 2am, thus ending our camping adventure.

Sunday, Amanda came over with her friend, Tanti, and we headed to the Strawberry Festival in Delaplane. Beautiful day for a drive out through Virginia wine country. The festival itself was small and a little disappointing (very few strawberries, for instance, and we missed the strawberry-eating contest by one day). But it was a gorgeous day to sit in the sun with friends, so whatever. We cooked out when we got back and ate by the pool. Did I mention it was a gorgeous day? Dilettanti, especially, seemed to enjoy herself. (Video to come...)Leon couldn't make it, because he hates strawberries and gorgeous days.

Monday, we met the Beenhouwers at Viva Vienna! to watch Rocknoceros perform and go on a few rides. (Avery was more interested in the rides than the band. Every time they finished a song, she'd say, "All done?" hopefully -- knowing that the rides were the next thing we were going to do.) At the festival, she got a balloon from some last night, I taught her how funny it is when mommy sucks helium and sings "Mickey Mouse".

Today? Back to the life-suckiness the work can sometimes be. Why isn't every work week four days long?

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