Monday, December 08, 2008

(Off-Color Headline Removed)

On Sunday morning, we drove down to the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City to see what was marketed as a "life-sized gingerbread house", featuring eight foot walls and more than 200 pounds of candy. (Since our little one has assembled gingerbread houses for the past two years and is just fascinated by them, we figured this would be a must-see.)

Let's just say that whoever promoted this thing is an LLPOF*

This was a creativity-lacking, over-marketed, gigantic piece of crap (not unlike Britney Spears' music career). It was not free-standing, as we had expected...just sort of a broom closet with the walls covered in gingerbread rectangles. In the center of each rectangle, someone had stuck on a piece of candy with frosting. (And by the way -- I would estimate that maybe, MAYBE five pounds of candy was used -- nowhere near 200 pounds.)

Thanks for ruining Christmas, Ritz Carlton Pentagon City.


*LLPOF = Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire


dilettante07 said...

Didn't this happen to you with the Lego exhibit too? Bastards.

I keep thinking of various events from Saturday night and laughing. Must've been extra funny from a sober person's perspective. Especially the mauling.

Anonymous said...

As if you really need to define LLPOF...