Friday, December 05, 2008

She Can Invite Friends Over To Play With Those And Her Collection Of Glass Shards

Avery wrote and decorated her first letter to Santa a couple of nights ago. That explains why every centimeter of our house is covered in glitter.

Sweetly (or strategically), she begins the letter by telling Santa everything that she is going to get for him (pretzels, cookies), before asking for what she wants (such as "more knives"). Honestly...she said that when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas..."a big bag of M&Ms and more knives."

(scratches head)


dilettante07 said...

Are you sure the glitter isn't left over from the swinger party? Not cool to blame the kiddo, really. No wonder she wants knives.

Sleep tight!

Brutalism said...

I know. That's what I need. A three year old hopped up on sugar from a big bag of M&Ms wielding knives. We've already established she's a bit of a moodster even without the sugar and knives. (See previous Reston Town Center run post.)