Friday, November 06, 2009

Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

Often, I e-mail myself with (riotously funny) blog post ideas because if I don't, they immediately leave my booze-addled brain and I will be staring at a blank computer screen into the wee hours of the morning trying to remember the story that was finally going to put Brutalism on the map.

This also serves to provide the "full e-mail inbox" validation that I crave, and if that must be achieved by sending e-mail to myself, then so what? (Though I do wish I would stop sending myself performance enhancment product solicitations.)

I just came across one of these "e-mails to self" that I sent to me a few weeks ago. It includes the following suggested topics:
  • Disappearing after Children of the Corn late show with Erle
  • Simon -- G.G. Allin documentary, convincing me for years that I broke wind when I fell asleep in a room full of people (I didn't), threesome in New Orleans
  • Kath -- walking across broken glass a la Loni Anderson, Circus of the Stars
Much like movie trailers, I'm thinking these stories may be more compelling in the abbreviated format above. I ask you, gentle readers, do you want the whole story(ies) or is it more fun to let your minds wander?


ShutUpandRun said...

Any teaser with the words "broke wind" and "threesome" in them should be worth writing more about.

T1T2 said...

i wanna know more!

dilettante07 said...

I think you owe the world the Loni Anderson story (with possible guest commentary from Connolly). Also, you must embed the Circus of the Stars video. That would be blogging gold.

Dilettard07 said...

Ah yes. The booze addled my brain and I forgot that we had uncorked that Circus of the Stars segment on YouTube in your Wyndham Villas villa in VA Beach. I texted myself a reminder to email you that such would make a great story on Brutalism. But I had blocked my own number and the text did not get through.

Well, I know the story now. But your avid fans deserve the full account. Complete with embedded goodness.

dilettante07 said...

you blocked your own number? do you robo-call yourself or something? call and heavy breathe on your voicemail?

Dilettard07 said...

Well it all happened after the restraining order.

Anonymous said...

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dilettante07 said...

Well said, anonymous, well said.

American in Sydney said...

I email myself flashes of blog posts too,- and they sound just like yours in style, so funny.

You should probably finish those posts, but I know-- you really have to feel it and be in the zone to actually write them. Um, maybe I should speak for myself, right?

Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

I would love the full stories!

It's Free said...

In a way the single bullet point does do a quiet justice to the Loni Anderson story -- spare, open and powerful -- like a haiku about AIDS. That said, I think (what I will now forever refer to as "A Full Loni") is required if only to clarify that I was not the idiot walking across the broken glass.

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Moooooog35 said...

I want to be on your 'cc' list when you type these things.

Thanks in advance.

Brutalism said...

Kath -- Clarification provided. You deserve it!

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