Saturday, November 28, 2009

Danke Schoen

I am David Hasselhoff. And not because I was videotaped lying in a drunken heap on the floor scarfing cheeseburgers. (Well, not just because...)

According to my site statistics of late -- I am huge in Germany.

Perhaps the fact that I'm wearing a dirndl in my profile picture has finally paid off. Perhaps my German readers appreciate that I host a big Oktoberfest party every year. Perhaps my love of wieners is blatantly obvious.

Thank you, Germany. With apologies to the great JFK, "I am a (not worthy) donut."


kiki said...

the huge amount of comments on this post also suggest you are more like the hoff than most would care to admit...
he's not as big in germany as he claims to be; however, according to him, he is solely responsible for the wall coming down

so you've got some pretty heavy shit to do yet

Brutalism said...

Kiki - Sad, but true. Perhaps the Brutalism ship has sailed. And WHAT? The Hoff is NOT responsible for the wall coming down? (It did seem a little fishy that someone would be able to achieve that AND single-handedly revive the Baywatch franchise in one lifetime...)

I will never be as successful as David Hasselhoff. This is why I drink.

Moooooog35 said...

Schnitzel schnitzel volkswagen schnitzel hansel and gretel Fahrvergnügen oktoberfest!

Brutalism said...

Moooooog35 - Geshundheit!

dilettante07 said...

The lack of comments is merely due to the time difference, dummkopfs. They will start pouring in any time now. In the meantime, please enjoy the following dialogue from my German 1 Textbook, "Unsere Freunde":

Mutti: Gabi, das Telefon klingelt. Geh doch ma ran!
Gabi: Aber Mutti, es ist bestimmt schon wieder fuer den Papi!

It would've been better had I been able to figure out the umlaut function, but there you go.

Brutalism said...

Tante -- It is always better with umlauts. I'm no (cunning) linguist, but it appears that dialogue is referencing bestiality or asking "who's your daddy?", which makes me wish I had taken German instead of French, which only had me going to the beach avec Pierre.

Dilettard07 said...

I'm sure it is all the innocent architecture students in Mainz who expect to find a thoughtful exploration of Boston City Hall, Phillips Exeter Academy gymnasium, or the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building and instead are treated to what amounts to a blog version of a German Scheisser Film.

Question is, do they stay and watch? Let's hope they do.

Wilkommen, kleine Poaffen!

kiki said...

he drinks because he IS david hasselhoff