Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eek! A Mouse

Late last night, we got back from our trip to Disney World. In the past five days, my child was made over princess style at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (I threw up a little in my mouth as I was typing that), dined with Cinderella at her castle, ate breakfast with Minnie, Donald and Goofy, and observed giraffes, zebras and other animals from the balcony of our hotel room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. (Envision Canetto and I looking pathetic while pulling out pocket linings here.)

I have lots to discuss from this trip including, but not limited to, the vast scooter brigade, the all-Christian-all-the-time programming on the hotel television (except for the Miley Cyrus channel), and the area of Fantasyland called "Pooh's Playful Spot." You read that right. Chewing gum is the devil, but they name a children's playground after a pantsless bear's privates.

Back in realityland,


OneZenMom said...

Gah! You are like the 5th person in my blog roll to go to Disneyland/World this month!

You all are giving me Disney-envy!

Moooooog35 said...

Appropriately, Pooh's Playful Spot smells like shit.

Dilettard07 said...

From a deleted scene of Team America: World Police.

Gary Johnston: I'm leaving. I'm out.
Spottswoode: No, Gary! You can't leave! We need you now, more than ever!
Gary Johnston: Don't you see what's going on out there? Everyone hates us!
Spottswoode: Hey, now, everyone hated Winnie the Pooh, too.
Gary Johnston: No, they didn't!
Spottswoode: Well, I did. That cocksucking bear killed Jack Kennedy!

Random awesomeness. Thank you IMDB.

Dilettard07 said...

What now in the hoo-hey? "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

What kind of fascist drivel is that?

The Absurdist said...

I hear if you go around the back of Pooh's playful spot you'll find Tigger's G spot.

Double Guh.
oh, baby!

Brutalism said...

ZM - The whole world is there this month. We overlapped with a neighbor and a client of mine. (That sounds dirty. On purpose.)

Moooooog - Pooh is a Rear Admiral.

J the A - Go to your room.

Tard - I kept getting weird spam messages in the comments so I enabled the moderation. (I'm an enabler.) I hate it. Also, I guess we now know what goes on at Pooh's Playful Spot.

Dilettard07 said...

That's a relief. I thought that there was an auto-censor keyed to certain phrases and that my post had gone over some sort of red line. What kind of world would we be in if Brutalism did not allow references to the Kennedy assassination?

Anonymous said...

I think I was mistakenly was made over at the Bitchety Batchety Boutique this week (or was it Cribbity Crabbity?).

Tard - Team America: World Police is my favorite movie. You are the best.


Laura said...

Yes, when we lived in Orlando it was like the evangelical television capital of the country! We'll be there next month-- CANNOT WAIT!!

T1T2 said...

this post reminds me how sad i am that my sister invited my sibling and parents to disneyland on not me.. and i live at home... ugh.. ::cries::

kiki said...

wonder if poo's playful spot and the phanton crapper are familiar with each other's work?

YinMetYang said...

You should see Miley grind it on the many large screens at Planet Hollywood....how many times can we distract the girls by saying "Let's look at that dessert menu one more time!"

From the Boy: "Hottest...video...ever."

(Our pockets are also inside out...our kids will be getting Aquatics Hotel Sized Shampoo and Conditioner in their stockings this year)

It's a party in the USA.

Brutalism said...

YMY - Don't ask me how or why, but I saw Miley get interviewed about the "party in the USA" song -- she was asked which Jay Z song she was referring to in the lyrics, and (while texting and not looking up at the interviewer) she said something about "Jay Z's music not being her taste and that someone else wrote it as theme music for her clothing line. Someone needs to explain to me what there is to like about this kid. (I'll go put on my "old fart" sash now...)

YinMetYang said...

It's a mystery to me, too. I don't want to hear Kai's answer to this question. I fear it would have something to do with her Playful Spot.

Brutalism said...

Now "Miley's Playful Spot" is a song I could get behind. (Yeah, I meant to say that.)