Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm at Laugh out Loud today. Please visit and leave a comment.

And just for the record, my posts featured elsewhere are always about poop...and bikini area hair removal...and butt piracy...

Which I find offensive...because I write about a wide variety of things, suitable for all audiences.

You know. Like swinging and when my parents went through the car wash naked.


(Thanks, LOL.)

UPDATE: This post on LOL also got picked up by Hippest Snippets. Thanks, HS!


Anonymous said...

Ok you are way ahead of me..Hahahaha...I must check out these others posts..!Have a great day..!

Sarah said...

I read it and the other linked posts. You are brave and committed to a hairless bikini area to go through laser removal. I have been contemplating a Brazilian wax. I'm not too worried about the pain because I think it would be one of those "hurt so good" experiences, but I don't really want to reveal to a stranger what a prolific pubic hair grower I am. And before and after pics? OMG, never! Before: sasquatch, After: hairless cat.

I love the vagina quote that you wrote on your chalkboard, wizard sleeves - LOL!

You're the best!

Brutalism said...

smArtee - Thanks!

Sarah - See? The whole waxing thing scares me more than laser -- I cannot imagine the pain involved in that...and at least with laser, there is a numbing cream. (And either way, someone is coming into close contact with your nether regions.) You're hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I now know wayyyyyyy too much about you.

Oh and should I tell you that a little hair is making a comeback, at least according to the 19yr olds Im "hanging out" with these days. I should probably just keep that to myself.

Brutalism said...

Anon - I'd heard that, too. Hopefully it is the 70s style...that was sexy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have no idea what was happening with anything in the 70s. As long as it doesn't need to be blow dried, combed, styled, or work better than my DenTek pick, than I am happy.

Ross Cavins said...

Brutal .. email me @

Got a proposition for you (Moog reviewed my book the other day ...)

And even though you might want it to be a lewd proposition, it isn't .. sorry.