Friday, April 22, 2011

My CBS News Clip - Following A Story On Charlie Sheen - How Appropriate

Some points of clarification:

1. Hillary and I really did not walk around Chicago all day holding a diorama together. (It was just for part of the day)
2. This spot ran at 10:15 on the 10 o'clock news...meaning it was the slowest news day, ever (if the fact that we followed a spot on Charlie Sheen's stage show did not tip you off)
3. I could not love any more the fact that they designate me as "Kathleen Canedo...Peep Artist"
4. I almost keep a straight face as Hillary is recalling all of the places we took our diorama. Yay, me!
5. I think Mai Martinez is mocking us a little bit at the end of the story. I respect that.

Autograph line forms to the left,


lacochran's evil twin said...

Wow! So Charlie Sheen opened for YOU!!

dilettante07 said...


Brutalism said...

lacochran - Yes. Ironically, I could command much less for a ticket to see me perform.

Tante - Totally!

Anne Barton said...

You should totally have business cards made with Kathleen Canedo, Peep Artist.

You both look fabulous, dah-lings!

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

Long time reader, first time commenter...

I was at the store the other day and came upon an aisle of peeps. For the first time in my life instead of thinking "disgusting candy", I thought "untapped art medium"


Brutalism said...

Anne - Don't think I won't!

Christian - If we can change the way one person thinks about Peeps, then we have achieved what we have set out to do.

Just kidding.

We totally set out to get some attention and 15 minutes of quasi-fame.

Bev Benyamin said...

I had no idea there was a decorate your peeps contest, LOL. All my friends say my stories on my blog are hilarious. I came across your blog hitting next blog, next blog and was LOL. Then I felt like crying cause my blog SUCKS next to yours. YOU, my dear, are funny, and I know funny. I'm now one of your followers/stalkers, LOL. I hope one day I can write a column for a Chicago Area Paper. Kind regards,
Bev Benyamin, Thats Life, Might As Well Laugh About it,@

Brutalism said...

bimash - I totally get why my story about peeps dioramas nicely dovetails with escort services in Delhi. Thanks!

Bev - Hi! Thanks so much. I love followers/stalkers. Unless they are wearing a suit of armor and pelting me with mallomars. (Last May was a weird time.) I will definitely be checking out your blog.

Sara said...

Man I am so over Charlie Sheen and his tantrums. Seriously that dude got's mummy issues.