Monday, April 04, 2011

Photo Essay

Yesterday was all about the photos -- at the National Harbor in Maryland:

With Peeps progeny. Hillary is sitting in a nostril.

In Washington, DC:

Our diorama is very happy to see you.
And here in my little town of Oakton, Virginia.

As I mentioned, there really is not a lot in Oakton proper, but I did manage to get a few landmarks captured on film. (This will be important when the Smithsonian contacts us one day to display our Peeps diorama.) 
I got another photo -- and accosted by a volunteer who bent my ear for about ten full minutes about how I needed to volunteer at the Vale School House -- which I looked into a couple of years ago and would be happy to do if the membership meetings were not held at 10:00 AM ON TUESDAYS. Ahem:

Uncropped version of the original below, which also included a soundtrack that went something like this: "Don't go near the street. Don't you dare climb over that fence. Just hold it together for about two more minutes. Come back here. Stop it. No, you cannot go to the bathroom behind the schoolhouse." Thankfully, Canetto did hold it together for a few more minutes...

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Ed said...

One word.


Krista said...

The suspense is killing me...what the !?$& is your diorama spoofing? I just can't seem to zoom in enough to get it!!

Brutalism said...

Ed -- You're sweet. Perv.

Krista -- Go back about three posts -- the diorama pics are there. With an up-close detail, even.

dilettante07 said...

Love it! I was just thinking how funny it would have been to get a picture with the Cherry Blossom winners from yesterday. Really, everything is better when a PeepsTM diorama is involved.

Speaking of, could you please deliver said diorama to my office. Monday is kind of dragging for me.

Brutalism said...

Tante - when you say "cherry blossom winners" you are referring to yourself, right? You did tell me you won and I would hate to think that you were lying.

Peeps diorama TM delivery coming to your office. I told Tim that should be my new business -- delivering peeps dioramas. He suggested I run the numbers. He's no fun.

Sarah said...

Nice pics! Cute girl, and AWESOME peep diorama.

Brutalism said...

Thanks, Sarah -- and go figure...this year we truly threw this together in a few days. Remember kids -- procrastination pays off.

KevStar said...

What's a diorama?

Brutalism said...

KevStar - it's what you get when you drink the water in Mexico

dilettante07 said...

Yes, Tante won the Cherry Blossom. Tante now speaks of herself in 3rd person. Tante is also now a Kenyan. Or a Kenisha. Or a Lantana. Potato/Potahto.

By the way, you look like a spokesmodel in the "happy to see you" shot. Stunning. Bitch.