Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're Number Two!!!

(Perhaps I should re-phrase)...

Hillary and I are the second-place finishers in the Chicago Tribune Peeps Diorama contest 2011.

As I wrote in my Facebook status update last week when they let us know this and then asked us to keep it quiet for a whole week: Dude.

Read all the glowing things they wrote about us and our diorama here.

All I have to say is this:

...perhaps our DC to Chicago marketing campaign paid off
...perhaps the esteemed judges (movie critic Michael Phillips, visual arts reporter Lauren Viera and theater critic Chris Jones) recognize true artistic ability
...perhaps there are many fewer entries in the Chicago Tribune Contest than in the Washington Post contest


All we know is that our diorama, "Larry Peep Live on PNN interviewing Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog" is NUMBER TWO in a major metropolitan area publication.

How much do we love Chicago? A lot, that's how much. They continue to prove just how much of a collective sense of humor they have. Big love to our Midwestern peeps for their love of our peeps.

So many people to thank:
(*digs  folded-up paper containing acceptance speech out of cleavage in revealing slinky gown*)
  • My Peeps Partner in Crime (PPIC), Hillary, who came up with the idea for the diorama, did not allow us to crap out of doing a diorama this year even though we were both close to doing so, and immediately agreed to fly to Chicago to deliver this thing. You complete me.
  • My Oakton Patch editor, Nicole, who from the nanosecond I mentioned this, began plotting how to make it an event on the Patch site and was completely fun and supportive all the way. I almost feel bad about missing my column deadline every.single.week.
  • Our Midwest Partner in Peephood (MPIP), Lauren, who shuttled us around Chicago and took pictures and got us a television interview. I feel like we should give you 15%.
  • Fellow Dilettantes Amy (who was the first person to send along the article about Alan Simpson's gaffe) and Amanda who provided constant support, retweets and comments. (Affectionate noogies.)
  • Best friend from seventh grade Kath (for recommending LePeep restaurant and trying to recruit a Chicago flash mob). I would not have entrusted the diaper string shawl to anyone else.
  • All of our friends at the Peeps Store/National Harbor; Lauren from Northwestern; the fratcation boys from the University of Nebraska, the impossibly gorgeous Suzanne LeMignot and Scott from CBS; and the fine and adorable (Hi, Cullen!) staff at the Palomar Hotel. (Big thanks, also, to Rachel, for getting us a sweet deal at the Palomar -- I did not think it was possible to love Kimpton Hotels any more.)
  • Our crazy friends and family who forwarded along the links to our adventures and begged for votes (JenBC), blog readers (and especially commenters), Facebook friends, and Twitter followers for coming along for the ride
  • Canetto and Avery for reasons too numerous, mushy, and/or embarrassing to mention
  • And of course, the one who guides me spiritually. You know...Bronze Fonz

(Music begins playing me off-stage...)


VEG said...

Rock on, you crazy chicks! So it all paid off in the end. What do you get? Lifetime of limos and fur coats and calling people "Darling"? Reality show? A million bucks? All of the above?

Will you still talk to us now you're rich and famous? :) CONGRATS!

Hillary said...

Um, hello? You forgot to mention OPRAH! Rock on, PPIC!

JenBC said...

Woohoooooooooooo! Second is somehow so perfect for this story. Amazing job creating the diorama and truly amazing job sharing it with peepul everywhere. That was too much fun to watch and cheer.

Wishing you at least a full year of glory basking and gloating. You deserve it.

Stacey said...

#2 is a lot more exciting than #1. It's more of a challenge, more of a release and more creative in the end.


Brutalism said...

Veggie - Thanks! We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the fabulous prize package that we were awarded. We had to also agree to make a certain number of appearances this year on behalf of Peeps/the Chicago's a whole new world, really.

Hillary - Hooray! I'm so happy.

JenBC - A major supporter of all the nonsense from the very beginning (I'm talking Peeps Diorama and Brutalism...) Thanks so much!

Trucking T - Yes! We keep telling ourselves that #2 is somehow perfect. Because it is.

Stacy Parker Strauser said...

i knew i knew i knew you could do it! like i said, i have the most talented friends on the planet. now - when are you moving to the midwest? it's pretty clear you belong in the central time zone avec moi...

Brutalism said...

Stacy - Dude. We got such a nice reception in Chicago. If it was not for the weather, I'd move there tomorrow. LOVE CHICAGO!!!!
(And corretion: I have the most talented friends...)

lacochran's evil twin said...


I hope you got a swag bag full of peep-related goodness.

dori said...

Wow!! Congrats to you, Hillary, and the Peeps branding team! We'll have plenty of time for you to tell me all the details during our upcoming road trip. I'll bring the Funyuns.

Seriously, though, well done, you!