Sunday, April 17, 2011

So Is That A Yellow Card Or A Red Card?

A couple of e-mails from my daughter's soccer coach yesterday morning:

The first one:


The fields are open. I will see you there. We will have many teams there, so parking might be interesting. Look for the guy in the yellow shit. That is our color this season.

Coach Tom

Which was almost immediately followed up by the second one:

That earlier email was missing one very important letter. I will be wearing a yellow SHIRT. (and a very red face!)


Still laughing,

Update 1: Thanks, DC Blogs, for linking to this today. I appreciate it. I'm not sure how Coach Tom feels.
Update 2: Also...see Jeff Cockey in Atlas Shrugged (out in theaters now!)


Trout Almondine said...

I assume this is the guy that won the Peeps hat. Because the bird Peep looks like an etc.

Still as bitter as a Peep is sweet,

Moooooog35 said...

Have you ever watched kids soccer?!

Yellow shit is actually pretty accurate.

Jessica said...

My two year old "plays" indoor mini-soccer, and their shi(r)ts are yellow. I must have laughed out loud at your post for 5 minutes. Funny stuff! -- Your DC Blogs Editor :)

Brutalism said...

T Almondine - You are bitter. Should my next contest be open to only those with screen names named after fish entrees? Up your chances?

Moooooog - Yes. It somewhat kind of resembles "soccer." I think my daughter likes it because Coach Tom plays a game with them called "kick the coach"

Jessica - Thanks so much for including it -- it made me laugh out loud, too. I definitely feel for the Coach...but not enough to refrain from replying to his e-mail with a, "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA" in bold letters.

Stacey said...

Then I'll be Tumbleweed Tuna! (i'm competitive like that)

suicide_blond said...

love it...