Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blast From The Past

Last night I was at home with Canetto and Avery, doing family stuff (you know, singing Frosty the Snowman for the zillionth time while drinking copious amounts of pinot noir -- I'm pretty sure one results in the other).

At about 8:00pm, the phone rang -- it was my mom -- who was at the new McCormick & Schmick's in Virginia Beach at a reception. She said "Hi", then said, "I have someone here who wants to talk to you." A male voice got on the phone and said, "Do you know who this is?" -- Because I went to school in that area since second grade and still go there quite a bit to visit old friends, it could have been anyone. I recognized the voice immediately -- it was John.

I dated him right before I dated Tim -- we only dated for a couple of months, but were pretty serious during that time -- going to each other's holiday parties, meeting up halfway between NoVa and Virginia Beach to go out, etc. And I don't think I was very nice to him -- I think at one point I said to him that Tim was going to be my next boyfriend. ( I write that, it makes me cringe...getting older sure makes you a lot more conscious of people's feelings.) Anyway, we had a pretty long history -- dated a little in college, then re-connected one night in NoVa (he was visiting). I had just broken up with my previous boyfriend, so we started dating.

Up until a couple of years ago, I would still call and visit him when I was in town sometimes -- I'll always consider him a friend. Or, thought I would, until he got all bitter when I had a baby and could not even pretend to be happy for me. That was the last time I talked to him -- until my mom put him on the phone last night.

Some things are better left in the past. I'm learning that more and more.