Friday, December 07, 2007

Love Muffin

Yesterday when I picked Avery up from school, her teacher came over and handed me a heart-shaped cornbread muffin. She said, "we made these today, and Avery said that she really wanted to take one home for her daddy."

Avery guarded that cornbread muffin carefully from the moment Jessica handed it to her. She insisted on holding it all the way home, and would not let me put it down on the counter when we got into the house. The muffin stayed with her while we waited for Canetto to come home. (The only time I put my foot down was when she tried to take it into the bathroom with her.)

Anyway, I let her sit in the sunroom and watch Emily Yeung while holding her muffin (not a euphemism -- get your minds out of the gutter) -- and then glanced back a minute later and all I saw was a bunch of crumbs and her chewing. Guess her willpower does know its limits.

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