Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting A Little Cockey

He's coming to visit! December 19-28th.
Much hilarity is sure to ensue.
(Which makes up for the thousands of stories he tells us about the 20-year-olds he dates.)
Part of me is totally grossed out by this. The other part of me is impressed with his energy level.
Yet another part remembers when he converted to Mormonism for a woman he was dating and just laughs in his general direction.

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Cockey said...

Much hilarity did ensue. Wow you are surprised that someone actually reads these diatribes that help you through your day.

And they are not all 20-yr olds. Only one of them is 20, but they were all born in the 80's. Did I mention that I love LA?

It was a great visit. I hope to get out there a couple more times in 2008. Why, you ask?

1) You owe me a ride from the airport and I owe Tim some jewelry.

2) All the NETSECers need to go out since you were near death and had to cancel. Which by the way ended up working out in my favor (she was born in '86)

3)And because I would like to learn the ways of the Brazilian culture. Its a resolution this year. A way to better myself. Plus I need to replenish in 08. Recycle a bit and maybe create a new depth chart. Some of my starters are destined for retirement.

I enjoy your Blogs. keep 'coming. Oh and you know what ringing in the new year means right?...........Now some of them can be born in the 90's.

Happy new year ya bastards.