Friday, December 14, 2007

No, Really...I'm Totally Smitten...

I'm having a fat day today. Don't feel very attractive...nothing that I tried on this morning looked of those "blah" kinda days.

Then, Avery came into the room. My little Pants looked right at me and with her huge brown eyes wide open said, " look beautiful!" (And then a few minutes later came over to the sink when I was brushing my teeth and touched my butt and said, "you have a really cute butt.")

Yes, she's merely repeating things that I say to her about a million times a day. But you know what? It certainly turned my day around.

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dilettante07 said...

These are the Ads by Google that popped up when I went to your blog:
1940's Christmas, Songs of Christmas, Scott Valentine, Shaker Tree of Life

Apparently, your blog is written by a festive, celibate, old person.

Love the Steenberg, Kathleen Virgin