Friday, June 27, 2008

Impatience Is My Virtue

Wanna know something funny? Even though my doctor told me not to do any sort of exercise for another 4-6 weeks at my follow-up appointment on Friday, June 13th, I (ha ha) was feeling so good that I (giggle) headed off to the gym Tuesday night for a 30-minute bike workout. In my past cardio-rific life (three months ago), this would have been a waste-of-time workout, but I thought it was the (snicker) perfect way to ease back into exercise.

Thanks to my impatience, the past two days were a nightmare. I was in as much pain as I was right before surgery. Elephantitis knees, severe name it. Awful.

Today, I'm finally feeling recovered from that, though my knees are still slightly swollen.

I learned my lesson the hard way and will now respect my doctor's wishes. I have to, really -- I'm almost out of Vicodin and have no refills left. The only alternative is to get better, already.

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