Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Always* Something

Avery had a hard time sleeping this weekend, what with all the parties, the steady diet of crap and the new Disney Princess cell phone.

Saturday afternoon I tried to get her to lay down and take a nap while Tim ran out to the grocery store. When it was obvious that she was not going to do that, I figured that I may as well take a shower and start to get ready for the party we were going to later that afternoon.

I brought Avery into the bathroom with me while I showered. She immediately found the basket I keep on the back of the toilet tank to store things like extra soap, TP and panty liners.

While I showered, she proceeded to open a bunch of panty liners and have some fun with them -- she stuck some on the shower door, put one on her leg like a band-aid, and fashioned a coozie out of the others for her bottle.

(Yes, she's two years and eight months old. Yes, that is probably too old to have a bottle. Yes, we are awful parents and are probably dooming her to a life of soft helmets and no friends. And no, they don't ask when your kid gave up their bottle on most college applications.)

Shortly after I finished my shower and had removed most of the panty liners from our home furnishings and our child, she climbed into bed and finally fell asleep. A little while later, Tim came home from the grocery store and went upstairs to check on her.

He came back down, helped put the groceries away, looked through the mail and then casually mentioned to me, "she has panty liners stuck on her bottle, you know."

*Please to appreciate the pun.

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