Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

We, like most of my friends who live in this area, are both thrilled for the inaugural activities on Tuesday and planning to avoid them like an airport toilet seat. (Sorry for that visual...but "the plague" just seemed so uninspired...)

Yes, I'd like to be there in person for this historic occasion, but the reality is that it will be a) freezing b) hard to see anything c) a transportation nightmare and d) not a good place to be schlepping a kid considering what kind of bathroom situation is anticipated (DC's -- not hers).

Make no mistake -- we are still celebrating -- we have two parties to attend on Sunday night -- the first is a casual gathering, the second is a little more formal (and will feature a keg of "Ale to the Chief" beer from Avery brewing company -- our favorite brewery for obvious reasons...that we like good beer...duh).

I've bought the same hostess gift for both -- a "Yes, We Can" opener. (Don't mean to ruin the surprise for either host that may be reading this post, but I'm probably enjoying the pun way more than either of you will, anyway.)

On Tuesday, I will watch the swearing in on a big screen in my company's conference room. I absolutely cannot wait.


Cockey said...

So I am not so much commenting on your actual post except to say that I love the little "pun" gift ideas you come up with (eg: Boston cream pie, Boston tea, and all the other Boston shit that you guys gave us when we moved to Milwalkee...ha, what? I found it funny).

Anyway this comment is more to feed your ego, although, like mine, it probably doesn't need boosting. And to thank you for helping me get started with my column/blog/time wasting thing that I am now doing when I don't want to spend time actually doing something productive with my life. Shameless plug to all of you reading Canedo's blog, please take time to visit and feel free to comment mercilessly on my columns that will be coming out once a week and hopefully more often given the time.

Anyway enough about me. Canedo, your help has been mucho appreciated (See that? I am learning spanish. It has been a resolution that I've rolled over for the past 7 years). And your hilarious rants about shit that nobody cares about (minus, of course, this blog about the inauguration which is historic and worth watching).

You have a knack for making the uninteresting interesting and for that I shall honor you with a spot in an upcoming Wide Right column. Those are coveted so please feel special.

Also, I got word over the holidays that a new, yes NEW, Mitch Hedberg CD has come out. Hey 2-Pac evidently doesn't own the rights to producing new shit from beyond the grave. Maybe the two of them are alive and kickin', chillin' on some tropical island together sippin' on gin and juice and takin' a hot tub wit the bitches...

Anyway when I get my hands on it I will send you a copy.


Brutalism said...

Dear Readers -
He drinks.
- Brutalism

Dilettard07 said...

Ahem. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the second party you are attending is more formal than "a little more formal."

Some of the guests are actually buying tuxes for the affair.

I have a feeling that the host/hostess of the second party will appreciate the pun. And the gift. You can never have too many can openers, as Kevin would say.

Brutalism said...

Dilettard07 -- sorry -- "more formal" -- you are correct, sir. Not that you wouldn't appreciate the pun, it's just that you and Mrs. Dilettard have a more sophisticated sense of humor, whereas I love the stupid little puns. I believe that Mrs. Dilettard actually once told me that my jokes remind her of someone's grandfather.

dilettante07 said...

Speaking of super sophisticated humor, be sure to show the hostess gift to John Notyetagrandfatherbuthoninghissenseofhumorincase Lonsdale. He will fall on the floor laughing. I'm not even kidding. If the place is as packed as I think it will be, he may take a few people down with him.

Brutalism said...

I am going to be very busy at the party -- there are way too many people for me to talk to about an assortment of important topics. Perhaps John and I can laugh over the 2:30 dental appointment joke for a while, too.

Dilettard07 said...

I don't think I've heard that dental joke, unless it is the one that involves a Sony Discman.