Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Feel Like A Comedian During The Bush Administration

Seriously, sometimes these things just write themselves.

I received two separate e-mails from a good friend this morning. They're both real...and they're spectacular...

Number One:
My mom sent my daughter a card that shows a little blonde girl feeding something to a baby deer. My mom writes: "Just like this little girl, your daughter is loving and kind to all animals! God put them on the earth for us to enjoy! And sometimes give us food!"

To which my friend added, "If that doesn't turn her into a vegetarian I don't know what will."

Number Two:
I dreamt last night that one of my clients was setting me up on a date. I walk downstairs to meet my date and he's sitting in my front room dressed entirely, head to toe, in Hasidic attire (complete with ringlets) and IN BLACK FACE. He even went to the trouble of blackening his hands. I told him how uncomfortable it made me, to be seen in public with him like that. He gave me a long-suffering look and chuckled to himself.

To which my friend added, "What does this mean?!?!?!!!!"

It means I don't have to write a post today, dear friend. Thank you.


JenBC said...
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JenBC said...

I have a theory about your friend's dream that centers on Ted Danson. It struck me as soon as I read the post, so I'm pretty sure it's on the money. If I'm right, your friend, let's call her DE since there is a related facebook post, is having a weird dream reaction to watching the View, or possibly Cheers reruns.

In 1993, Ted Danson, who was in a romantic relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, was criticized for doing a performance in black face at the Friar's Club. Whoopi has Jewish ancestors and ringlets and she makes some people uncomfortable. She has also been known to chuckle.

Now give me a tough one.

ps - sorry I had to delete the previous comment. I hate typposs.

Brutalism said...

Dear JenBC,

Yes, let's call my friend DE, although THAT IN NO WAY REPRESENTS HER REAL INITIALS.

I think your theory is right on target. DE strikes me as a loyal "View" watcher, after all.

You missed your calling as a dream interpreter. (By the way, I'm enjoying the "green screen" discussions on FB.)


Dilettard07 said...

Regarding the first email, I was somewhat confused about the "them" being referred to in "God put them. . . ." I read it as "little girls such as the one in photo and your daughter."

The resulting thought I had was sort of a hybrid of Roman Pulanski and Jonathan Swift.

Otherwise, it is sort of a lonely shepherd's musing.

dori said...

I have a feeling "DE" hates the View, so maybe it's a reaction to that hatred (that somehow manifested itself in a Ted Danson-esque way). That's better than the other interpretation I, I mean DE, got: "Sarah Palin is your true love."