Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Really Have No Idea What To Make Of This

Someone I know who works for a large commercial real estate firm, told me that she received the following e-mail from a co-worker yesterday:

Original e-mail:
This may seem a little personal, but it is a serious question and it would help me with resolving an issue and I would appreciate it if some of you would respond: Do you use the paper toilet seat cover when using the restroom? Depending on your response there may be a follow up question.

She wrote to me: This was actually sent from one of our guys in development.

I wrote: That is too funny...I guess they are trying to find ways to cut costs? Or are they trying to decide whether to put them in one of your properties?

She wrote: I think he was trying to prove a point to the consultants on the new building. I’ll send you the results.

And of course, I asked: Were people allowed to answer anonymously? That may be more information than I'd be willing to provide to a co-worker...

And she said: Additionally, he did not send it to everyone in the office, only select people.

To which I replied: Does it make you feel good or bad that you were on that distribution list?

Today, she received the following-email:
Thanks to all that responded, it was helpful. These are the results:
Yes- 10%
No- 55%
If the rest room is a wretched mess- 35%
So, this tells me if we go into a nice clean well maintained rest room 90% of the respondents do not use the seat covers.


dilettante07 said...

So what was Krennie's answer?

Brutalism said...

Nice sleuthing, dilettante07. I didn't ask her what her answer was...I suppose I just don't want to know. We have boundaries, you know. (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Dilettard07 said...