Friday, January 02, 2009

Spell Check Just Indicated That "Appletini" Is An Error...Spell Check Does Not Know The Half Of It

Happy 2009!

Sorry for no posts in the last week...but lots to write about when I finally do...meeting new family members over Christmas during a holiday trip to Va. Beach and then an appletini-soaked New Years celebration in Atlantic City. And yes, I'm embarrassed by my drink of choice. Let's just say it was after several other (better) drinks and that I'm easily persuaded. Let's also say that I'm being generous when I suggest that the AC tag line should be changed to "once is enough."

Will post tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm never drinking again.


Ri. Short for Maria. Not pronounced like the bread. said...

So, wait...that last line means that you're "never drinking again"...between now and tomorrow? So, you'll be Appletiniing it up again by Saturday, eh?


(I think Appletiniing should SO be a word.)

dilettante07 said...

The Appletini strikes again, eh? Did you tell someone they should have a baby this time?

And...did you do the plunge or no?