Friday, January 09, 2009

Jesus Take The Loofah

I've mentioned before that I have a quote board in my kitchen (and some in-laws who wish that their son had married that sweet Catholic girl he used to date...)

Well, since I also have fun co-workers, I've shared this idea at my office -- although at the office, we go with original quotes. Gems from this include:

"Zantac is just not as fun as Xanax"
"All the fun you have really annoys me"
"I'm not a big vomit fan"
"I'm over here whittling the bamboo stick"

and my personal favorite (and title of the second country song I pen):

"A loofah don't make you less of a man"


JenBC said...

[[nerd alert]]

Actually. Dermo-technically speaking, a loofah does make you less a man. When you exfoliate, there is less of you to love. Sorry dude.

Love the blog title, btw.

Brutalism said...

You're freaking killing me, Cosgrove. Seriously...sitting at my computer laughing like a mental patient.

JenBC said...

That's a relief. I was having posters regret. I always feel funnier when I'm buzzed. Imagine that.