Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nerd Alert

Hillary and I met for our Peeps diorama strategy meeting last night. She and her husband and son came over last night for drinks and apps and of course, planning.

We have two dioramas in the works this year -- and we're equally excited about both.

Wish us luck -- we have to keep doing this thing until we win it, of course. (And we're still bitter about the obvious slight last year. Our Peeps depiction of the writer's strike was brilliant...and it was snubbed...)

I'll post pictures when the dioramas are completed (and after the contest deadline, of course).

1 comment:

Cockey said...

Love that you guys do this hilarious competition. Only you would find something like this and take it so seriously. Thank god you can't do a SAG strike peeps one this year. Shit, maybe I said that too soon. Hopefully you won't be able to. By the way, new post up. You have me so worried that I am constantly writing columns. I can't even work on my feature script. I am doing it all for my faithful readers. HAHA.